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Why Recruiting-as-a-ServicE?


    candidates considering a change in the NuHire network


    of NuHire intro'd candidates are accepted to interview


    of NuHire interviews are scored "hire" or better


    of offers extended to NuHire candidates are accepted

    37 hires

    through Recruiting-as-a-Service (average, per client)

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Delivering an enjoyable candidate experience starts with thorough planning, realistic expectations, and a strong sense of who you really need to hire. Recruiters and Account Managers at The NuHire Group are experts in the nuance of key roles within startups and employment market trends throughout the tech sector. We'll provide expert support in building the requisition profile, mapping responsibilities to business impact, and understanding current market dynamics, so you are prepared to be competitive.

Today, candidates consider new employment opportunities similar to how they make a significant purchase; research happens continuously, and a window into your organization is available on every screen. To effectively adapt, recruiting must become marketing. Talent acquisition professionals need to meet candidates where they are and build long-lasting relationships. Recruiters at The NuHire Group will connect your team in the communities where competitive candidates frequent.

Screening candidates is about much more than vetting previous experience and skills. Initial interviews provide a unique opportunity to peer into a candidate's goals for their career path and ensure the existence of a value-add to both parties. Thorough screening empowers a more fulfilled employee and longer-term retention. Talent Acquisition Experts at The NuHire Group leverage a well-defined and inclusive screening program to uncover synergies between candidates and your organizational needs.

Startups across the technology sector revel in claims of innovation in their respective markets. Candidates expect a similar level of attention to the hiring process. Gone are the days of dealing with a seemingly endless chain of emails to schedule an interview. Talent Coordination Experts at The NuHire Group lean into the innovations that drive operational efficiency; every candidate we introduce will come with availability for initial conversations and concierge-level interview management and debrief from our team.

Closing a candidate shouldn't be "closing"; they aren't a new client, after all. When thorough planning, inclusive sourcing, equitable screening, and an enjoyable coordination process are all successfully executed, this step should feel like a welcomed conclusion to an eventful journey. While negotiations should be anticipated, Recruiters at The NuHire Group set transparent expectations with candidates from initial contact to ensure mutually respectful and productive negotiations.

A strategically executed onboarding process is the difference between an employee that contributes long-term and one that is more likely to churn. Providing high-touch onboarding experiences can be cumbersome for startups. From ensuring your new hire shows up on day one, to bridging relationships with mentors, to traversing your unique corporate structure, Talent Coordination Experts at The NuHire Group are committed to providing you and your new hires with specialized support.

What our Clients say

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    Maggie Key

    ​If there was a 6, I would give it to The NuHire Group on this recruitment effort. They are incredibly efficient, fast to understand the candidate needs, provide very helpful screening notes, and are all around exceptional to work with across all engagements. Thank you so much and looking forward...

    Maggie Key

    Chief Customer Officer

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    Andrew Finklestein

    The NuHire Group makes hiring easy. They understand the positions they're hunting for and easily learn the preferences of those that are hiring. They are selective to the extreme, which is an unfortunately rare trait in their profession. And they works astonishingly fast. They filled my entire te...

    Andrew Finklestein

    VP of Sales

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    Craig Irons

    ​Working with The NuHire Group enables me to vet top talent and scale my organization with efficiency and precision. They are subject matter experts in both my business and the key technology domains where it is most difficult to compete for the best talent. Their thorough upfront vetting process...

    Craig Irons

    VP of Sales

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