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Why the Candidate Experience Matters

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The hiring process is more than just filling a seat.

Many companies spend large amounts of time and effort on candidate acquisition but very little on the experience of the candidates they bring in. This is a lose-lose proposition - not only will bad experiences dissuade top talent from pursuing your company, but it is also wasteful of company resources to consider candidates who will ultimately decline to proceed because of a poor experience.

A recent study by LinkedIn found that, of the many job seekers surveyed, 65% said a bad interview experience would make them question whether they wanted the job at all.

So, what are the foundations of a successful interview process?

1. Transparency

One of the most common complaints candidates have about the interview process is a lack of transparency.

Your company’s interview process should be clear from the start. Candidates should know what to expect and when to expect it. They should also be given timely feedback, regardless of whether they ultimately get the job.

2. Inclusivity

An inclusive interview process is important for candidates because it also allows them to be confident that their skills and qualifications will be evaluated fairly, and can help to reduce the risk of unconscious bias, creating a more level playing field for all candidates. Furthermore, it helps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, which can have many positive benefits for an organization.

The best way to make sure your interview process is inclusive is to prepare a list of questions for all candidates to answer regardless of their background or identity. This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to create a safe and comfortable environment where everyone is respected and listened to.

3. Efficiency

A long, drawn-out hiring process is frustrating for candidates. The average time to hire has increased over the last few years, and now stands at a record high of 27.5 days.

If your process is taking longer than that, something needs to change. Whether or not you currently have an internal hiring team, gaining support from talent acquisition experts may be a great option for you. Historically this has come with a flood of concerns over high placement fees, limited hiring rights, and fears of scalability.

The NuHire Group has disrupted these concerns with the launch of Recruiting as a Service. An unlimited hiring service with flat, predictable cost, uninhibited hiring rights, and a concierge candidate experience.

In addition to being more efficient, RaaS is also more effective. We leverage modern technology, a thorough vetting process, and an outsized professional network. We stand firm in the belief that you should never compromise quality for quantity. For more information visit

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