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Founding Head of GTM

Job description

We are a seed-stage startup with funding from top-tier angel investors and VCs.
StormSafe is completely reimagining retirement wealth. It enables employers to offer their employees a new, unique, and innovative type of retirement benefit. This benefit has the potential to either replace the 401k or achieve similar massive adoption.
StormSafe's business is the technology infrastructure / universal rails that enable the product to run and be embedded into existing distribution platforms.
We are looking for a world-class GTM & BizDev leader to champion our GTM strategy and distribution.
What we’re looking for:

  • Outstanding Communication Skills: Ability to distill complex concepts into easily understandable information.

  • Comfort with Financial Products: Ability to understand somewhat complex financial products.

  • Desire to work at an early-stage company and build 0-1

  • Leadership Potential: Desire and confidence to make critical strategic decisions around product and Go-To-Market

  • Experience selling to the enterprise.

Why you should join us:

  • Interdisciplinary Project: Impact, capital markets, B2B2C

  • Autonomy: You will have a seat on the table from day 1 to make strategically critical technical and commercial decisions

  • Compensation: We provide a generous cash and equity package

Why does this problem matter?
We solve the most critical problem of building wealth: lack of capital to invest.
Most FinTechs are focused on second-order issues: how to provide better UX/UI, spread “financial literacy”, and give people “data & analytics” on what they spend their money on or what they should invest in. We solve different types of problems.
The single most crucial problem is the lack of capital to invest. There is a chicken and egg paradox with investing; to make money, one must already have money to invest.
We enable employers to give their employees a large compounding base to build wealth more effectively and efficiently.
We are rebels. We want to expand asset ownership and have a radically innovative way to do that. If that excites you, we’d love to speak with you.