My name is Kailey Vitt, and among other things, I am a Senior Partner at The NuHire Group! I am an eternal optimist, artist (watercolor is my medium of choice!), newlywed and dog mom, and always thinking about my next opportunity to eat a great plate of pasta! Restaurant and recipe recommendations are welcome!

Interview with Kailey Wood:

Q: Recommendation to a business owner looking to hire quality employees?
A: Before you start your search for new hires, reflect! Be clear about your company mission, expectations for specific roles, and how new members of your team will contribute to and benefit from your business.

Q: Favorite interview question to ask a candidate?
A: I love to ask candidates about a time they were most proud of themselves. You can learn a lot about a person by the moments that they feel shine brightest in their life.

Q: Tip to impress an interviewer?
A: Never underestimate a great follow-up/thank you email. Make it personalized and use it as another opportunity to prove yourself as a great fit for the opportunity at hand.